COSMOCLIMATE is a Greek-based company created in 2013 and operates in the sectors of the environmental economy and the carbon credit market.

Proposing a "holistic" approach to its Clients, COSMOCLIMATE may develop a full range of environmental options, from the carbon footprint and compliance audits to brokerage and trading services in the carbon credit markets.

Being a "green" strategist, COSMOCLIMATE deals for its Clients with all new challenges related to the environment in order to assist them in performing successfully in a sustainable way.

Located in Greece, COSMOCLIMATE operates wherever its Clients are with a team of professionals who dispose of a high-caliber international expertise (EU, EMEA & Pacific). The end-result is to provide the Clients' teams with added-value which may generate the necessary outcome in terms of efficiency, revenue and company notoriety.


The Carbon Credit market has known the most exciting growth among the traditional sectors of activity during the last 10-years period. Several funds and sophisticated investors thrive to take a privileged position in the beginning of a success-story-to-be. Indeed, from US$ 5 billion in 2005 and US$ 140 billion in 2010, there are quite a few institutions (Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, UBS, JP Morgan, Bloomberg, etc.) or even world-famous investors, such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who believe in the potential of this market, expected to reach at least US$ 3,000 billion by 2020.

Prospective rising demand should come mostly from the industrialized countries (USA, Canada, Japan & the UE), as well as from the economies in transition (China, Russian Federation, India, etc.).


Since 1997, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) produced the Kyoto Protocol in order to set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets for all countries which have taken part in it. So far, 196 countries -classified by their involvement in Annexes I, II, B & Non-Annex I- have ratified the Kyoto Protocol and are bound under International Law to respect their targets and to pay penalties in case they exceed them.

From 2013 onwards, the amount of the penalty is € 100 per ton of CO2 above the limit set by each Party of the Kyoto Protocol. This level should have given enough incentive to enter the carbon trading system, which functions as shown hereafter:


The combination of global warming and growing environmental consciousness is creating a potentially huge market in the trading of pollution-emission credits
Craig Mellow, Economist, May 2008

Past historical data & current prices for carbon credits in EU ETS (EUAs, CERs, RECs, VCUs, VERs, etc.) demonstrate the incentive given to become greener at a low price, now.

Phase III (2013-2020) of the Kyoto Protocol should witness a number of changes, including a move from allowances to auctioning, where prices should be awarded to the higher bidder.

Low permit prices, elevated allowances, high-complexity & legal issues have preserved low interest in the sector, thus far.

The recent rise of CSR, sustainability awareness & shareholders’ interest bring a new breeze and profits expectations.


COSMOCLIMATE organize its range of services around 4 axes:

carbon credit trading & brokerage carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, arsenic, copper, mercury, nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, propane, PM10, zinc, etc.

commercialization of "green" carbon credits from renewable energies (aeolian parks, PVs, etc.)

forest carbon projects development & monitoring from feasibility studies to project design & planning, financing & investment arrangements

exploitation of other sources of energy storage of CO2 in subterranean galleries, biomass & biogas, energy minerals, etc.


Antonis A. Patakakis

[b. 1990, MA Business Administration, Eastern Macedonia & Thrace Institute of Technology (GR)]

Antonis is political advisor for the Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, on regional planning & development and on institutional communication issues.

Antonis is shareholder of COSMOCLIMATE.

He speaks Greek, English & German.

Argyris A. Patakakis

[b. 1992, MSc. Environmental & Natural Resources Engineering, Technological Institute of Crete, (GR)]

Argyris is energy & minerals engineer with practical experience on natural resources management and site rehabilitation processes.

He speaks Greek & English.